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A family company with a big big heart...

We proudly design all our games with tenderness, love and caring

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Delolindo Games are easy and fun for children beautiful  

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About Delolindo Games:
Our principles

1. For children

Our games are made with care, tenderness and love. We take the fun very seriously!

2. Keep it simple!

Make it easy! We try our games to be simple so children spend more time playing than figuring out how to play

3. No violence

Our games are not about 'killing enemies'. You must not hurt or get rid of anyone or anything to go forward.

4. Value the effort

We have replaced 'winning' by getting the best out of oneself. In our games you go forward and complete levels by building and cooperating

5. No discrimination

Our games have no gender. We do not make games for boys or girls, let kids be kids!

6. Fun with something more

Our games are for fun, but if you learn something at the same time, then double fun!

7. We love animals

We love animals! Our games try to instil love and respect for animals.

8. No adds when playing

Advertising while playing? No thanks! We think it is interesting for you to know our games, but not in the middle of a game!

9. Parental control

Children buying games? No! That is a task for mom and dad.

10. Beautiful at the inside

If it is beautiful on the inside, it will be beautiful on the outside. Our games are handcrafted respecting the code and good practice.

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